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BCHA dedicated mining pool available now! There is a dedicated BCHA mining pool here, friends with hashing power are welcome to join, https://bcha.pro/ , fee rate is 0%. Spread to the friends who want to mine BCHA Mining pools; Algorithms; BitCashABC (BCHA) Algorithm Sha256. Suggest correction Available pools Pool name Latest block Active workers Blocks / 24h Coin's hashrate Zergpool Homepage: 677002 66 1 10.62 Th/s zpool Homepage: 673939 123 0: 0 h/s. API. zpool Homepage: 673939 123 0: 0 h/s. API. zpool Homepage: 673939 123 0: 0 h/s. API. Donnations. If you find this website useful we kindly ask you. Mode Time Validity Finder Height Difficulty Amount Expected Shares Actual Shares Percentage; PPS: 04/17/2021 05:48:34: 17 / 101: eazarov: 682460: 13,554,928,352.774 Account Information. Confirmed 0.000000; Unconfirmed 0.000000; Mining: 1.9% pool fee and you are not donating. Coin informatio

Binance selbst betreibt einen Mining Pool für das BCHN-Netzwerk. Allerdings dürfte BCHA es sehr schwer haben, mit seiner bislang noch marginalen Hash Rate einen Listing-Platz bei einer der großen Exchanges zu erreichen. Die Blockchain-Analyse-Website Blockchair hat bereits einen eigenen Blockchain-Explorer für BCHA angelegt What is Bitcoin Cash ( BCH )? Bitcoin Cash brings sound money to the world. Merchants and users are empowered with low fees and reliable confirmations. Bitcoin Cash has 42 mining pools and uses the SHA 256 algorithm This is an anonymous Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) SHA256 mining pool with 1% fee. No registration required, no email or password etc. Pool offers Instant Payout immediately when block found via Coinbase transaction. These are Newly Generated coins with no previous input and you may spend it after 101 confirmation by network List of known Bitcoin Atom pools (BCA) SHA-256 PoW algorithm. Live hashrate distribution, pool fees & minimum payment comparison. Mining Pools & Block Explore

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Blake2b mining pools Request adding new: coin pool. Filter coins by algorithm Filter coins by algorithm: NeoScrypt 61 EquiHash 20 EquiHash (192,7) 1 EquiHash (96,5) 1 ZHash 7 Skein 25 Lyra2v2 31 TimeTravel10 1 C11 17 PHI1612 2 PHI2 8 Lyra2z 37 Skunkhash 0 Scrypt 319 X11 176 Keccak-C 3 Keccak 4 Nist5 12 Allium 3 Xevan 15 Ethash 16 CryptoNight 12 CryptoNight V7 3 CryptoNight Light 0 CryptoNight. Latest Bitcoin ABC Blocks by Mining Pool (last 7 days) Latest Bitcoin ABC Blocks by Mining Pool (today) Bitcoin and Bitcoin ABC Block Sizes. Bitcoin and Bitcoin ABC Transactions. Bitcoin ABC Hash Rates by Network. Bitcoin ABC Proof of Work by Network (since Nov 15, 2020) Daily Bitcoin ABC Mining Difficulty. Bitcoin ABC Profitability Against Bitcoin. Bitcoin Fees Relative To Bitcoin ABC (USD. Mining Pools sind jedoch von Natur aus zentralisiert. Sie bündeln Ressourcen in einer koordinierten Gruppe und betreiben in einigen Fällen sogar zentralisierte Knoten, die für Denial-of-Service (DOS)-Angriffe anfällig sind. Wenn Ihr ausgesuchter Pool von einem DOS-Angriff betroffen ist, können Sie keine Kryptowährung bzw. Bitcoins mehr abbauen. Sollten Sie in Eigenregie Mining betreiben. Chinese mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain owns both the Antpool and BTC mining pools. The company's main product, the Antminer, is an ASIC-based machine dedicated to mining proof-of-work cryptocurrencies. Antminers designed for Bitcoin Cash can process anywhere from 10.5 TH/sec up to 28 TH/sec — at prices ranging from $151 to $1475 Mining pools are basically groups of miners who pool their mining resources together to get more hashing power (i.e. computing power). The more hashing power you own, the better your chances of adding a block and claiming the mining reward. With mining pools, miners manage to solve problems more often than they would mining solo. The rewards are then split between the pool members.

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Pool mining works in accordance with the PPLNS model and charges a 0.9% fee. The reward is paid to the miners only after 120 confirmations about the block maturity. The platform has no payout thresholds but with too low hashing power and reward under 0.0001BTC, nothing is paid out. To start mining in the pool, it is enough to register an account on the website. It is possible to set up 2FA for. We launched Pool Account in Poolin.com on Feb 8th 2021. By transferring your everyday mining profit into Pool Account, you can get extra mining interest with 2.5~4.0% APY. Why to use Pool Account? Hodling is the attitude and Pool Account helps you have more crypto to hod Mining pool 51% attacks BCHA seemingly with the explicit goal of destroying it. Will this be the first true spawn camp attack on a PoW chain? However, developers in the BCH community actually view this attack as a 'defence' for the network, with one user stating that Bitcoin ABC has fractured the BCH project to capture 8% of the coinbase miners' incentive. Source: Javier Gonzales. Bitcoin Cash ABC PF (BCHA) Stats. Transactions count, value, Bitcoin Cash ABC PFs sent, difficulty, blocks count, network hashrate, market capitalization. , BCHABC Exchange, Last Price, Bid Price, Ask Price, Volume 24H BTC, Volume 24H $ USD, % of Volume by Exchange. What is Cryptocurrency: Your Complete Crypto ABC. crypto You can try using a Monero mining profitability calculator online! We.

The mining pool Mining Dutch has managed to process thousands of transactions for senders on Saturday early afternoon (EST). @yhaiyang idea for you. dump your BCHA holdings into your own customer. More than 80% of the mining pools are in the hands of strangers, a fairly high percentage, and from the data of the latest blocks, we see that they are the ones who mine empty blocks and insert a mysterious coinbase: H Nov 25th 2020: bcha dump | voluntarism.dev:6174 u/p: x/ [A] mining pool 51% attacks BCHA seemingly with the explicit goal of destroying it. Will this be the first true spawn camp attack on a PoW chain? Buterin asked his Twitter followers. However, the recent empty block attacker is not the first true spawn camp attack on a PoW chain. A Bitcoin clone called Coiledcoin appeared in 2012 and it has been said that it was also attacked by hashrate. Mining pools are also less numerous. Bitcoin Cash ABC's price on the rise. But what gives hope to the Bitcoin ABC community is the rise in the price , which has taken place since the hard fork. The numbers still vary greatly from one exchange to another, but the price of BCHA showed an increase of + 134% on Poloniex over a little over a day: The price of altcoin seems to have consolidated. Miners would essentially be forced into going bankrupt or to stop mining BCHA. voluntarism.dev stated on Twitter, The amount of value that ABC stole from BCH pales in comparison to our expenditures. We are a group of old-guard miners and whales. We can do this for years. next time you fork: use your own genesis block, your own pow algo, and build your own community. BCH is protected.

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  1. er to start We have both regional servers and universal Anycast IP, which established shortest network route based on your GEO location. We recommend using it for best connectivity with zergpool.com. Following servers locations are available with Anycast IP: Ashburn,Los Angeles,Amsterdam, London, Dallas, Miami, Tokyo, Singapore, São Paul
  2. 2020 year 11 month 20 Solstice 2020 year 12 month 2 day ,BCHA Suspected BCHN Supporters' sustained arithmetic attacks ,The main form is empty block attack。The two sides of attack and defense have adjusted their strategies in many stages。at present,It is not clear whether the attack will end。Whatever the outcome of the attack,this time
  3. eração da BCHA parecem ser uma clara intenção de destruí-la. Seria este o primeiro real ataque a um blockchain PoW? Mining pool 51% attacks BCHA see

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Total Bitcoin Hash Rate by Mining Pool (last 7 days, all chains) Total Bitcoin Hash Rate by Mining Pool (today, all chains) Latest Bitcoin Blocks by Mining Pool. Latest Bitcoin Cash Blocks by Mining Pool. Latest Bitcoin SV Blocks by Mining Pool. Support the Team Through site feedback, content submissions, and donations, you help Coin Dance realize its vision. Your donations directly support. Mining pools. Poolin SBI Crypto Sigma Pool SOLO mining UniCrypt Explorers. Blockin BTC.com ViaExplorer Market data. BitKan CoinCodex CoinGecko CoinMarketCap Crypto.com Price CryptoCompare Daix LiveCoinWatch Processors . CoinGate CoinRemitter CryptoWoo GoCoin Mercuryo. Chuỗi Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA) mới phân tách khỏi Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hiện đang bị tấn công 51% bởi một nhóm người dùng bí ẩn với ý đồ kéo sập mạng lưới.. Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA) đối mặt với nguy cơ bị tấn công 51% để tiêu diệt từ trong trứng nước Voluntarism.dev, một nhóm người dùng ẩn danh, tuyên bố đang.

Calculateur GPU Hash Rentabilité Mining Mining Pools . Wallets . Wallets Hardware Wallets Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA) Price and other information. Suivez le prix Bitcoin Cash ABC en temps réel, historique de prix BCHA et autres informations. Cap. Marché $ 759.347M Volume (24H) $ 17.943M. En circulation 18,572,921 Bitcoin Cash ABC. Prix $ 40.88 6.91% EUR 34.16. BTC 0.000633. ETH 0.01717. Hash GPU Calculator Mining Profit Calculator Mining Pools . Wallets . Wallets Hardware Wallets (BCHA) Price and other information. Follow Bitcoin Cash ABC price in real-time, BCHA price history chart and others information. Market Cap $ 679.973M Volume (24H) $ 17.119M. Circulating Supply 18,572,921.

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At the time of publication, the ABC chain, otherwise known as BAB, has three known mining pools pointing hashrate at the chain. Viabtc, BCHA Pro, and Mining-Dutch are mining the coin, alongside a much larger hashrate of stealth miners. The majority of BAB hashpower is making empty blocks. With a coinbase message that says: /Nov 25th 2020/ — Reorg risk warning in BAB/BCHA/ABC — pic. Trwa atak 51% na łańcuch BCHA. Anonimowy górnik próbuje obrócić w pył wszystko, co z niego zostało. Anonimowy górnik, znany jako voluntarism.dev, zmienił regułę coinbase tak, że wszyscy górnicy muszą przesyłać 100% (zamiast 8%) nagród blokowych na adres IFP.. źródło: GitHu The newest coin to come out of a split in Bitcoin Cash, BCHA, is seeing a denial of service attack of sorts as an unknown miner, which appears to have 80% of the hash, is mining blocks without including any transaction save for the block reward transaction (coinbase). That means people have to wait a lot longer for a transaction to happen, but that's all that is happening here so far. BCHA. Editor's note: This article has been updated with comments from Bitcoin Cash developer Chris Troutner. Voluntarism.dev, a self-described group of 'old-guard miners and whales', today launched a 51% attack on Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA) in protest over Bitcoin Cash's contentious hard-fork on November 15.. The anonymous group modified 'the coinbase rule' so that mining Bitcoin Cash sends. 比特币交易平台 | 数字货币交易平台 | 币客bkex全球领先的区块链衍生品服务平台,提供比特币、以太坊、bkk以及usdt等数字资产交易平

Bitcoin ABC. 537 likes. Bitcoin BCH is a full node implementation of the Bitcoin Cash protocol. We aim to provide a solid, stable software and help lead Bitcoin Cash protoco On November 15, 2020, the Bitcoin Cash blockchain experienced a network upgrade and a bifurcation of the chain as well. While the Bitcoin Cash network continued on smoothly, the ABC pro infrastructure funding plan (IFP) side of the chain had a rocky and extremely slow start. Since the 15th, the nameless ABC chain has seen [ The unknown BCHA miner halting the network for the past 50+ blocks by mining only empty blocks, who had already made hints towards nov 25th, has finally made its intentions clear: /Nov 25th 2020: bcha dump/ BCHA has mined 43 empty blocks in a row. The history of Bitcoin Cash and r/btc in one picture. Tim doesn't give fuc Bitcoin Cash (BCH) splitste enkele weken geleden op middels een hard fork van de blockchain. Het netwerk splitste op 15 november op in Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) en Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA). Voorstanders van BCHA wilden een belastingregel invoeren waarbij 8% van alle omzet die miners maken naar de ontwikkelaars gaat. BHCN voorstanders waren hier sterk tegen Read the latest stories published by Poolin. Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency mining pool

Closing our ZEL mining pool. Apr 9 • ZEL. Sign up; Support; Bitcoin difficulty rebounds to nearly 20 T. Bitcoin difficulty has seen a dramatic rebound, and several PoW networks have released upgrades or minor updates. Ethereum Classic's Thanos hard fork is complete, Bitcoin Cash ABC was hit by a 51% attack, and Zcash underwent its first block reward halving. Bitcoin. On Sunday, November 29. Crypto exchange Binance's pool was responsible for mining block 661,647 — the last common block before the fork. At the time of publication, miners have mined roughly 27 blocks for BCHN and none for Bitcoin ABC, or BCHA. Since the Nov. 15 fork was announced,. Next unlike pool mining you won't see accepted shares or rejected shares when solo mining. All you see is your hardware hashing continuously and when you hit a block you'll see a message saying yes! The reward for the block which you solved will reflect immediately in your wallet address that you entered in your miner batch file. Common Errors: Empty data received in JSON-RPC call get_work. The recently forked BCHA chain is currently under attack by an anonymous miner that is attempting to force whatever is left of the chain int

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On Nov 15, BCH chain split into two separate chains Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) and Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA).. Abra, like several other industry players, has decided to support the chain with the most mining pool support, i.e. Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN). In the next few hours, Abra will be turning back on BCH deposits and withdrawals in the Abra app On November 15, Bitcoin Cash will undergo a contentious hard fork. Here's what you should know. The Bitcoin Cash blockchain will undergo a scheduled upgrade or hard fork on November 15, 2020.This event involves a long-standing debate between factions within the Bitcoin Cash community, each with different plans for the cryptocurrency Mining pools and miners and can opt-out and decide they're not keen. ABC could very well be skunked and sunk into oblivion, leaving Séchet a petty boss on a misfit coin island -- content to yell things in French to himself. I believe, however, exchanges will ultimately stay with ABC and Séchet, and, as such, miners will follow along for no other reason than profit. There's little attention. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu Mining pool CEO: Craig Wright is a chess piece for Bitcoin SV, Calvin Ayre allegedly calls the shots. Jiang Zhuoer, the CEO at BTC.TOP, one of the largest Bitcoin mining pools, revealed that Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre planned the split from the Bitcoin Cash network long before the matter was publicly discussed

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  1. Bitcoin Cash ABC is a new blockchain split of Bitcoin Cash
  2. ing pool due to the fork will be paid on Nov. 25th, 2020. You can click Announcement on receiving BCHA for more details. Please contact us if you have further questions
  3. Exchange Country Url Trust Score Score Rank Trade Volume 24
  4. Mining Pools; Pool Location Fee Hashrate Hashrate % Miners; Ukrpool: EU, CN, US 0.00% 1.81 Ph/s 0.1%: 89 zpool SHA-256: EU, US 0.50% 0.00 h/s Multi-coin pool 82 Hashcity: RU 1.00% 2.37 Ph/s 0.1%: Viabtc: CN 2.00% 255.00 Ph/s 10.4%: Binance SHA-256: 2.50% 14,556.45 Ph/s Multi-coin pool f2pool: CN, US, EU 3.00% 33.62 Ph/s 1.4%: BTC.com: US, EU, Asia 4.00% 155.20 Ph/s 6.3%: 1116 More pools at.
  5. Hut 8 Joins Foundry's US Mining Pool, Adds Over 14,000 Bitcoin Blockchain. Blockchain India; Blockchain regulation; Hash blockchain; Blockchain Block; More. Mining; Prices; Regulation; Home Hash blockchain Here's how BCHA and BCHN have fared after their forks. Hash blockchain; Here's how BCHA and BCHN have fared after their forks. By. News Bureau - 12/17/2020. 29. 0.
  6. ing pool operator Voluntarism.dev controls 90% of the ABC chain's hashrate on Saturday, November 28, 2020. Since our newsdesk's report, the mystery
  7. er that is attempting to force whatever is left of the chain into non-existence

And BCHA will likely fall into the background when BCHN becomes a leading blockchain. In this case, it will be supported by all currency exchanges which support BCH, and tokens BCHN will still be called Bitcoin Cash and will be denoted by the acronym BCH. BCHN vs. BCHA. Long months of stress in anticipation of the fork's implementation is finally coming to its logical conclusion. Zergpool.com flexible mining for alternative crypto currencies. Zergpool - zergpool.com - Mining Site This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website As soon as you get into the miner, then you merely have to select a mining pool based upon your computing power. If you've got less than two graphics cards then you need to select Network 2, whereas those with bigger hash speeds should select Network 1. After this is completed, enter the hardware that you're using, whether CPU or GPU. To mine coins on your computer, you might have to add extra. Fees: Some Bitcoin mining pools charge fees, and some don't. Fees can range from as little as 0% to 3%. Keep in mind that not all mining pools are up front about their fee structures. Be sure to also consider the reliability of the mining pool, how much security it offers, and how easy it is to withdraw funds Convert 100 CUC to BCHA with result in table and chart. Calculate how much is 100 Convertible Peso in Bitcoin Cash ABC using latest exchange rate of foreign currency and live price of Bitcoin Cash ABC. Use this free calculator to convert other values between CUC (Convertible Peso) and BCHA (Bitcoin Cash ABC)

In this process, the transactions get picked up by other mining pools like that of ViaBTC, and your transaction gets confirmed. The service is very easy to use and no sign-up is required. Link to Website . BTC TX Accelerator. BTC TX Accelerator is a free Bitcoin accelerator and has partnered with several mining pools to accelerate the confirmation of Bitcoin transactions faster. If your. Pool ขุดเหรียญทำการโจมตี 51% บทบล็อกเชนของ BCHA และดูมีเป้าหมายในการทำลายมัน หรือนี่จะเป็นการดักซุ่มโจมตีบนบล็อกเชนแบบ proof of work ที่แท้จริงกันน

A. Mining in LBC pool > 30 days, get 15% of LBC returns as subsidy B. Mining in LBC pool > 20 days, get 10% of LBC returns as subsidy C. Mining in LBC pool > 10 days, get 5% of LBC returns as subsidy For example: if miner A and B have mined in LBC pool for 20 days and 21 days respectively, then A's Subsidy = Total LBC returns during the event. Convert 42 CUC to BCHA with result in table and chart. Calculate how much is 42 Convertible Peso in Bitcoin Cash ABC using latest exchange rate of foreign currency and live price of Bitcoin Cash ABC. Use this free calculator to convert other values between CUC (Convertible Peso) and BCHA (Bitcoin Cash ABC) Bibox is the world's leading digital currency trading platform, which provides users with a safe, stable, transparent and convenient trading environment based on AI technology. Currently supports btc.eth.ltc.bix.usdt.eos.xrp.bch.usdc.uni.dot.ipfs and other digital asset market and trading services Mining the first block, One was BSV (more on this later), and then there was Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA), whose lead developers had proposed an 8% miner tax to fund future protocol development. Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) History . After thriving well for a year, the BCH community had to face another fork in 2018. A faction in the BCH community led by Craig Wright, a highly controversial.

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The recently forked BCHA chain is currently under attack by an anonymous miner that is attempting to force whatever is left of the chain into non-existence. The anonymous miner, known as voluntarism.dev has changed the Coinbase rule so that all miners need to send 100% (instead of 8%) of the block r.. BOBT mining pool addthe time coefficient, that is: longer the mining timeis , higher profit users get (the specific time weighting algorithm will be announced in the mining pool description later). It is currently under development and is expected to begin implementation next week. Please pay attention to the official announcement for the specific time

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Run Bitcoin ABC 0.22.6 (BCHA network), or any previous 0.22.x version, to follow the BCHA chain. This chain will be immune to the risk of wipeout and block reorganization. Run Bitcoin ABC 0.22.6 (BCHN network) to follow the BCHN chain. This chain will NOT be immune to the risk of wipeout and block reorganization. Run both to follow both chains Bitcoin Cash's two competing 2020 protocols are known as Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) and Bitcoin ABC (BCHA). At present, Bitcoin Cash Node is resoundingly favored by the mining community, with 85% of block miners on mining pools signaling their support with messages added to each new mined block, such as PoweredbyBCHN Furthermore, in order to smooth individual miner revenue as mining has become more competitive, mining is now done in pools where participants contribute hash power to the pool and receive a proportional share of the profits if the pool finds a valid block. SHOW MORE. technology. Bitcoin Cash, the protocol, is a distributed, time-stamped ledger of unspent transaction output (UTXO) transfers. BW.COM, the world's leading one-stop financial service platform, BW is a bitcoin mobile trading platform, providing BTC trading platform for bitcoin transactions, Bitcoin exchange, the most secure bitcoin trading platform, and the most professional bitcoin Bitcoin Cash ABC is a new blockchain split of Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash Node

Hash War: Mystery Miner’s Empty Block Attack Makes ABC’sLatest Bitcoin Cash ABC Attack Makes New Blockchain Almost

Bitcoin ABC (BCHA) Cryptocurrency Blockchain: PoW using algorithm SHA-256 Read more about the blockchain, hashrate, mining BCHA Essential information for mining pool operators. Note: this section is NOT optional for operators of mining pool software. So that you can continue to follow the upgraded Bitcoin Cash network on November 15, mining pools must be configured for the new coinbase rule as follows: The coinbase needs to pay 8% of the block reward in a single output to the following Bitcoin Cash address: bitcoincash.

The Announcement on Opening the Setting of BCHA Address inBitcoin Mining – The BTC BlogBitcoin Cash hard fork BCHA faces 51% attack - AMBCrypto

Binance's mining pool has extracted block number 661,647, the last in common before the fork. At the time of publication, miners have mined 98 blocks for BCHN and only 5 for Bitcoin ABC (BCHA). Since the announcement of the fork, users have increased the number of Bitcoin Cash sent to cryptocurrency exchanges: more than 300 million dollars have been deposited in BCHA this month. Over the. KuCoin is the most advanced and secure cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, TRON, USDT, NEO, XRP, KCS, and more. KuCoin also provide Excellent Support, Maker & Taker Transaction Fees, Open AP On November 15, 2020, the Bitcoin Cash blockchain experienced a network upgrade and a bifurcation of the chain as well. While the Bitcoin Cash network continued on smoothly, the Début novembre, la blockchain Bitcoin Cash s'est scindée en deux: Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) et Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA). La scission, ou hard-fork, a suivi la règle controversée de la coinbase, une taxe proposée de 8% sur tous les bénéfices des mineurs proposée à une équipe de développeurs. C'était extrêmement impopulaire auprès des utilisateurs de Bitcoin Cash

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