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First YT vid? Hope its alright hahaha, feel free to reach out if anything's wrong!!!https://twitter.com/_MaxCodez/Thanks (for non copyright music):-----.. After creating the bot, navigate to the bot column in settings and Add the Bot. Now navigate to OAuth2 and assign permission to your bot like administration rights. Copy the Bot authorization key.. This project is a simple python script that simulates keyboard presses to spam repeated messages through any message-sending computer application. It allows you to define a message to send or to send the contents of your computer's clipboard, as well as a number of times to send the message and how long to wait in between each one. Install i

Its simple, fun, lame and will teach you a bit of python. Just don't use it on someone, they would be annoyed . If you are familiar with the basics of Python, building this is going to be a I decided I was going to learn Python yesterday, and I started working on a script based on something my friend had created to annoy me many years ago. It's a Spam Bot. The bot spams random phrases from a pre-built set of phrases, or a single phrase based on user input. Feel free to check it out on GitHub: https://github.com/cgoeller919/My-Bot Ive just started learning py today and I want to make a spam command that uses args to choose how many times to send the message what the message is i want to spam Ive tried taking peices of othe..

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Before you get into the features specific to Bot, convert bot.py to use a Bot instead of a Client: # bot.py import os import random from dotenv import load_dotenv # 1 from discord.ext import commands load_dotenv () TOKEN = os . getenv ( 'DISCORD_TOKEN' ) # 2 bot = commands Use descriptive variable names; No need to add one to x and then use range(1, w) - get used to using zero-based numbering; By convention in Python you can use _ as the name for a loop variable when you won't actually be referring to that variable anywhere.; As you develop this into a full programme, structure code under functions Chatbot mit Python programmieren Endlich sich mit dem eigenen programmierten Python-Programm unterhalten, sprich chatten. Das englische Wort chatter bedeutet nichts anderes wie plaudern bzw. plappern. Chatbots mit Texteingabe durch den Nutzer und intelligenten (mehr oder weniger) Antworten haben eine lange Tradition Hello,Welcome to the description-----This tutorial will help you to make a Spam Bot in Python!-----..

You've successfully written your very own WhatsApp Spammer in under ten lines of code. Save this as a .py file, and run it. When you do, a terminal will pop up (that you will interact with to. Python spam bot. Aluf. Jan 20th, 2015. 329 . Never . Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! text 4.61 KB . raw download clone embed print report . import urllib2 import random import re import socket import thread import time from HTMLParser import HTMLParser. In this article, you'll learn how to make your own Twitter Bot in Python with Tweepy, a package that provides a very convenient way to use the Twitter API. Twitter is one of the most widely used social networks. For many organizations and people, having a great Twitter presence is a key factor to keeping their audience engaged. Part of having a great Twitter presence involves keeping your. Installation Windows. Download python3 Download 007spam-BOT Extract 007spam-BOT into Desktop Open CMD and type the following commands: cd Desktop/007spam-BOT-master/ python -m pip install requests bot.bat

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Spam; Bot; Python; Python2 Whatsapp Spam Bot Skript? Kann mir hier jemand darunter ein Skript posten für die neuste Python 2 Version für ein WhatsApp Spam Bot. Dieser soll auf WhatsApp Web funktonieren und man soll die Nachrichten + Anzahl dieser eingeben können....komplette Frage anzeigen . 2 Antworten Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet noname06940 07.01.2021, 23:11. Ich suche. We will explain the way to write a simple WhatsApp bot on Python using the WhatsApp API. The demo bot will be able to react to and reply to commands sent to WhatsApp as regular messages. At the moment our demo chatbot has the following functionality: The output of the command lis Once you're ready, you can finish the Facebook Messenger approval process and get your bot approved to send messages to all users. With the future of bots, the possibilities are endless. I've been excited to see how they can help users and look forward to what bots people make next. I hope you've enjoyed learning how to make a bot in Python

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Files for Discord-Anti-Spam, version 0.7.4; Filename, size File type Python version Upload date Hashes; Filename, size Discord_Anti_Spam-.7.4-py3-none-any.whl (36.8 kB) File type Wheel Python version py3 Upload date Apr 10, 2021 Hashes Vie Each bot can be managed individually. The unique Bot name feature is very effective as teachers always inspect the list of students that join the game. Previously, a user could not customize the bots name of the user ID. And it was relatively easy for the teacher to catch the student running the bot generator tool to spam the game Instabot.py . Instabot.py is an extremely light instagram bot that uses the undocumented Web API. Unlike other bots, Instabot.py does not require Selenium or a WebDriver. Instead, it interacts with the API over simple HTTP Requests. It runs on most systems, including Raspberry Pi In this tutorial we'll explore the ins and outs of building a Computer Vision-based game bot in Python, which will be able to to play the popular Flash game Sushi Go Round. You can use the techniques taught in this tutorial to create bots for automatically testing your own web games. Final Result Preview . Let's take a look at the final result we will be working towards: Prerequisites. This. How to make a bot: a guide to your first Python chat bot for Telegram Part 3 of our chatbot series comes with a step-by-step guide on how to make a Telegram bot in Python . The bot should be able to show the exchange rates, show the difference between the past and the current exchange rates, as well as use modern inline keyboards

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  1. Part 3 of our chatbot series comes with a step-by-step guide on how to make a Telegram bot in Python. The bot should be able to show the exchange rates, show the difference between the past and the current exchange rates, as well as use modern inline keyboards. Now let's cut to the chase and discover how t o make a Python Telegram bot
  2. Python Simple Discord Bot. bot = commands. Bot ( command_prefix='>', description=This is a Helper Bot) embed = discord. Embed ( title=f{ctx.guild.name}, description=Lorem Ipsum asdasd, timestamp=datetime. datetime. utcnow (), color=discord. Color. blue ()
  3. ChatterBot is a Python library that makes it easy to generate automated responses to a user's input.As a result, ChatterBot uses a selection of machine learning algorithms to produce different types of responses
  4. #!/usr/bin/env python # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-# Python bot for comment a list of urls in YouTube: import time: import numpy as np: from selenium import webdriver: from selenium. webdriver. common. by import By: from selenium. webdriver. support. ui import WebDriverWait: from selenium. webdriver. support import expected_conditions as EC: from selenium. webdriver. common. keys import Key
  5. Select the number of bots you would like to send to the game; Select the option if you want to manage bots. Click send bots; Wait until the bots are sent and click Manage; From that interface, you will be able to manage bots and remove them as you want. You can also use the automatic spam button that can send an arbitrary number of bots
  6. ing bots. Completely Automated Public Turing test, to tell Computers and Humans apart, popularly known as CAPTCHA, is a challenge-response test created to selectively restrict access to computer systems

Hello, I'm training my python skills and i made a youtube views bot, i want to share this with you guys. It's a simple python script that give you how many views you want on every video of your choice - using tor servers to have a different ip every view Python Utility Bot. This project is a Discord bot specifically for use with the Python Discord server. It provides numerous utilities and other tools to help keep the server running like a well-oiled machine. Read the Contributing Guide on our website if you're interested in helping out Free instagram bot and tools. Written with love in Python. Open source. Mass following, mass liking, commenting.. All of those actions will 'fool' a bot, since the bot will try to POST against the old contact page and form. So just changing things around will stop the bot and their spam. But only temporarily. The bot will eventually 'find' your contact page again, adjust to the new form's parameters, and the spamming will start up again

python - How to make a spam command in discord

python bot programming-language spam script code label discord discord-api icon discord-py explanation discordbot spam-bot spamming replit quotation-marks puzzle-piece-icon bana discord-spam-bot Updated Mar 26, 202 Python, How to make Discord spam bot in 2 min! youtu.be/Vm9NVx... 0 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. View discussions in 1 other community. no comments yet. Be the first to share what you think! View Entire Discussion (0 Comments) More posts from the programming community . 3.4k. Posted by 6 days ago. App. If you want to check out some bots that are already made, check out two DevDungeon projects: Chatty Cathy AI chat bot and Help Desk Bot a fun utility bot, both written in Python. If you are interested in learning how to make a Discord bot in JavaScript, check out the JavaScript Discord Bot Tutorial and check out all of the other Discord related tutorials on DevDungeon

Implementation: Python program to build a discord bot. Now we will look in the Python code implementation. Install the module called Discord.py by this command pip install discord.py Imagine this scenario, a person wants to talk to you and get some help for some game. He is messaging to you and you got to reply. what if your bot reply to those messages. #importing the discord module. To communicate with Telegram API we are going to use python library called telepot. Lets write some python code, but before that I recommend you to set up separated python environment using tools like virtualenv: pip install telepot. The following code show the simplest way to communicate with Telegram API (start python shell for example). You have to replace the value of token variable with your bot's access token Now when the bot starts up it will automatically show how many servers it is a part of. This only updates when the bot starts, so for now it won't update in real time as the bot is added to more servers. Caveats. One major issue with frequently changing the bot status is that Discord only supports a single status per server. In other words, if the bot is in many servers, its status will change in every server anytime a status change is triggered. For this reason many bots don't change.

If you want to learn more about Telegram bots, start with our Introduction to Bots » Check out the FAQ, if you have questions.. Many members of our community are building bots and libraries and publishing their source code This repl has no cover image. Details. Created on May 18, 201

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Download Universal Automated Chat Bot - Spam any chat system with a large number of messages by turning to this lightweight application that features support for custom chat key pip3 install python-telegram-bot. If the library is successfully installed, then we are good to go. Write the program. Let's make our first bot. This bot should return a dog image when we send the /bop command. To be able to do this, we can use the public API from RandomDog to help us generate random dog images. The workflow of our bot is as simple as this: access the API -> get the image. In this article, we will guide you to create an Automated bot or Whatsapp Spam Bot Using Python Selenium. We will use tkinter and selenium for creating our whatsapp spam bot. SELENIUM: Selenium automates browsers. That's it! What you do with that power is entirely up to you. Primarily it is for automating web application

This works, but if you need a tutorial with more detail please head to https://discord.gg/GWdhBSp Hello! In part one of this tutorial, you will learn how to code a simple Discord bot with Python. If you don't know what Discord is, it is a chatting service similar to Skype. Okay. First you are going t Advanced Anti-Spam. Getting tired of seeing other bots detecting legit messages as spam? No worries. The powerful anti-spam has few false positives and detects almost all spam. Anti-Selfbot. It allows you to get rid of people who use an annoying selfbot. reCAPTCHA Verification. Nobody likes getting raided. The verification system allows you to say good-bye to raiders. Full Server Backup. You. Building a Discord Bot with Python and Repl.it. Note: this tutorial is an excerpt from Code with Repl.it: Python projects for beginners, a book and set of tutorials for beginners to gain hands-on experience with Python programming.. In this tutorial, we'll use Repl.it and Python to build a Discord Chatbot. If you're reading this tutorial, you probably have at least heard of Discord and likely.

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The + button in the Items menu, scans the item on your first inventory slot. Restart uses the first 5 slots in your inventory every time u die. The bot just find them if they are in range, so if the distance is about as far as your char can see. So if u cant see a stone on screen, then the bot also cant find one This bot was created using Python. Since the owner, isn't advanced with Python that's why the bot's pretty basic. This bot has no commands (yet). It doesn't mute or warn people, after 10 messages spammed the user will be kicked, able to rejoin. We'll be making a website, and the bot more advanced in the near future. We're already starting to work on having it mute and warn people, obviously we.

I can't say this was a surprise to me, that there were bots in Instagram It just made me want to build one myself! And that is why we're here, so let's get to it! I came up with a simple bot in Python, while I was messing around with Selenium and trying to figure out some project to use it. Simply put, Selenium is like a browser you can interact with very easily in Python. Ideally. Viber Python Bot API. Use this library to develop a bot for Viber platform. The library is available on GitHub as well as a package on PyPI.. This package can be imported using pip by adding the following to your requirements.txt:. viberbot == 1.0. 11. Important note for bot developers: Viber's bot platform is open and free for developers to create bots in our ecosystem discord.py offers a lower level aspect on interacting with Discord. Often times, the library is used for the creation of bots. However this task can be daunting and confusing to get correctly the first time. Many times there comes a repetition in creating a bot command framework that is extensible, flexible, and powerful. For this reason

Bots that respond asynchronously, which includes all bots on pub/sub endpoints, require a service account to authorize with Google Chat. For a simple, straightforward bot architecture, try implementing a bot using an HTTPS endpoint (a web service, essentially) that responds synchronously, always enclosing its payload in the HTTPS POST response. Python-specific bot resources. How to Buid an SMS Slack Bot is a tutorial on using SMS text messages to communicate with a Slack bot that can post and receive messages. The bot is a good base for a more complicated Slack bot that could use natural language processing or other more advanced parsing techniques. Either Python 2 or 3 can be used with the code which is also available on GitHub. By using the Whatsapp spam bot, you accept that you are violating the guidelines of Whatsapp and the chance is there that you might get prosecuted. Whatsapp Message Spammer Downloadpage. Github; Stop Whatsapp spam. First of all, download the latest version of WhatsApp from Google Play Store to use the new report spam or block feature. Open WhatsApp, and click on the chat from an unknown number. Nein nein ich möchte etwas in einem Forum verkaufen. Steam-Game Keys zu günstigen Preisen. Das Problem ist folgendes: 2-3 Konkurrenten haben soche Bots und die stehen immer an erster Stelle und überbieten meine Posts. Da ich mithalten muss suche ich jemanden der mir eine Schritt für Schritt anleitung gibt wie ich ein solchen Bot erstelle

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We can use Python's ability to handle and read from files to update our Twitter status. For this example, we'll use a file that already exists, but you may want to create your own file, or modify an existing file. Setting up the Program File. Let's begin by creating our program file, using a text editor such as nano: nano twitterbot_textfile.py Next, let's set up our Twitter. On the bot using side, you can provide positional arguments by just passing a regular string: To make use of a word with spaces in between, you should quote it: As a note of warning, if you omit the quotes, you will only get the first word: Since positional arguments are just regular Python arguments, you can have as many as you want Spam; Bot; WhatsApp; Whatsapp Spambot hey, ich hab leider nichts auf google gefunden und wollt fragen ob ihr einen whatsapp spambot kennt der die nachichten EINZELND sendet so wie der skype bot SkypeB0B. danke für antworten :)...komplette Frage anzeigen. 6 Antworten iLAiiZZoR 02.08.2015, 14:25. Weiß nicht ob du noch einen suchst aber ich finde es unnötig extra deswegen sein Handy zu. Wie im Monty-Python-Sketch wird das E-Mail-Postfach mit Spam überflutet: unerwünschte Werbung, dreiste Lockangebote oder versteckte Schadsoftware - eine Spam-Mail kann ganz unterschiedlichen Zwecken dienen. Mit dem Erfolg von Facebook, WhatsApp und Co. hat Spam auch die sozialen Netzwerke und Chat-Apps für Mobilgeräte erreicht. Wir stellen die wichtigsten Formen von Spam vor

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While python-telegram-bot does provide built-in support for bot data and chat data in the form of arbitrary key-to-value dictionaries, I prefer using a direct object-oriented approach to storing data and state. So I ended up with a compromise: I add the appropriate SEMarathonBotSystem instance to the bot_data dictionary, and then work entirely on the object. Similarly, when I start a Session. • Python and Perl code for a command-line IRC client • Python and Perl code for a mini-bot that spews out spam • DDoS attacks and strategies for their mitigation • Using IoT devices to launch potentially crippling DDoS attacks 1. CONTENTS Section Title Page 29.1 Bots and Bot Masters 3 29.2 Command and Control Needs of a 7 Botnet 29.3 The IRC Protocol 11 29.4 Becoming Familiar with the.

I can't say this was a surprise to me, that there were bots in Instagram It just made me want to build one myself! And that is why we're here, so let's get to it! I came up with a simple bot in Python, while I was messing around with Selenium and trying to figure out some project to use it. Simply put, Selenium is like a browser you can interact with very easily in Python. Ideally. Bot is smart enough: it filters users on which it is going to subscribe or like. That helps to attract real people on social network. Lots of prepared scripts. Bot community has already coded a large amount of useful scripts for almost every necessary task. Fully open-source. All codes are hosted on GitHub and has been checked by thousands of. Das macht Webseiten sicherer und schützt vor Spam. Die schlechte Nachricht vorweg: Vollständig ausschalten lässt sich die Sicherheitsüberprüfung nicht. Es gibt allerdings ein Python-Skript, mit dem Sie Captcha austricksen können. Entwickelt wurde es von einem Sicherheitsforscher mit dem Pseudonym East-EE. Das System nutzt die von Captcha angebotene Audio-Challenge für Sehbehinderte. It is very easy to use our sms bomber tool. Just follow the steps carefully. Step 1: Enter the number you want to bomb on the above form. Step 2: Enter the value (How much you want to send) of the counter. (Remember: You can send 10 messages at a time) If you want to send unlimited meassages then you have to use the Unlimited Sms Bomber 2021 Step 3: Now hit the submit button and wait untill.

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This spambot (written in Python) will crawl the web while collecting email addresses, and once enough addresses have been collected, it should send an email to each address. It is split into two parts: 1) building a web crawler and collecting email addresses and 2) sending out mail. Instructions: you need to enter two command line arguments for the program to work with: the first should be the. On Reddit, Llaver showed how to reveal the inner workings of a Skype messaging bot. He/She explained that it was a mistake: I was going to send some quick and dirty code to a friend but I. How to Make a Twitter Bot Using Python and AWS Lambda. In this section, you'll develop a Twitter bot using Python and deploy it as an AWS Lambda function. It will follow a simple rule: every day at 10.00 (UTC), it'll post a random tweet from a predefined list. Once you finish the tutorial, you can change the bot's logic to fit your needs

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This extension adds automation functionalities to gleam.io. A single click to get all entries of a giveaway! This is the way to get entries without opening hundreds of tabs and losing precious time Follow the link to your bot by clicking the link that looks like t.me/{yourBotUsername}. This is where you will receive messages. Go ahead and send a message to your bot. To prevent spam, bots cannot initiate a chat, so we need to send it a message to enable the bot to message us back. We will read this message via the Telegram API to get the. Once the packages are installed run python app.py to start your bot. You will know your bot is ready to test when you see the last line shown in the screenshot below: Copy the last for digits in the address on the last line (usually 3978) since you will be using them in the next step. You are now ready to start the Emulator. Start the Emulator and connect your bot. Start the Bot Framework. The bot will be able to connect to the Twitch IRC server, read the channel chat, search for unwanted messages and spam, and timeout or ban the user who sent the message. Required Resources. A basic understanding of Python. I use Python 3 in this tutorial, but Python 2 is similar enough that the tutorial can be easily translated. A Python.

Hi guys, In this tutorial, you will learn how to build your own knowledge-based chatbot in python, which is able to answer you most of the general question you can ask.. what is chatbot? A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that can simulate a conversation (or a chat) with a user in natural language, In this tutorial, you're going to learn how to build your own simple. A bot application runs inside an application, like Cortana, Skype, web chat, Facebook, Message, etc. Users can interact with bots by sending them messages, commands, and inline requests. You control your bots using HTTPS requests to the bot API Python knows the usual control flow statements that other languages speak — if, for, while and range — with some of its own twists, of course. More control flow tools in Python 3. Python is a programming language that lets you work quickly and integrate systems more effectively. Learn More . Get Started. Whether you're new to programming or an experienced developer, it's easy to learn and. Twitter bots can do a heck of a lot more than just spam trending hashtags and relentlessly follow users. Take the Twisst ISS alerts bot, which sends you a direct message whenever the International. Now type python main.py and hit enter, your BOT should launch. Now open your Discord server and go to the channel created for your BOT. You should see (my channel name is #botsignup): Using The BOT: Now that you have your BOT launched, how does it work? Adding Yourself To A Role: From the main launch screen people can click on the emojis (icons) of each of the classes that they have. This will.

Der Spam-Bot schreibt in einer definierbaren Zeit (Angabe in Sekunden ) euren Text, den ihr auch speichern könnt ^^ Bei Settings könnt ihr Alles einstellen Fortgeschrittene User können auch die Schnell-Wähl-Funktion nutzen--> Der Balken wo Anfang steht ^^ How-To: So stellt ihr den Bot ein . Außerdem sollte euer Schnellzugriffsfeld wie folgt aus sehen: 1-3 = Fertigkeiten 4 = Reittier. I have created a bot and subscribed it to Microsoft Teams, I have done all the configuration settings such that I am getting all the messages to my web-app from MSTeams. Following to this documentation, I am trying to hit an Http post request to send the reply message to the same bot. But I am get.. Using a bot badly will make you look like a spammer. Ever see those dull, generic comments on photos? Yep, those people are configuring their bots badly. Don't be one of them. You will still have to engage as a real person sometimes, because you can't automate all human interaction (not yet anyway!). What are the pros of using an Instagram Bot? You can adjust your tools to prevent most of. Python is a very popular general-purpose programming language which was created by Guido van Rossum, and released in 1991. It is open-source and you can freely use & distribute Python, even for commercial use. It is very popular for web development and you can build almost anything like mobile apps, web apps, tools, data analytics, machine learning etc. It is designed to be simple and easy. Steps to Set Up an Omegle Bot. The following are the few steps to perform for setting up an omegle bot. Download and install Python from the official Python website. As mentioned above, Omegle Bots are available in Python and need Python interpreter to work. Make sure to download ver2.7.14 as the code use 'machenize' thus Python 3 is.

Pasar pengembangan obrolan bot untuk WhatsApp berkembang pesat. Dalam panduan ini, kami akan menunjukkan cara mengirim pesan WhatsApp melalui ChatAPI menggunakan Python. Panduan ini untuk programmer akan membantu untuk mengambil langkah pertama dalam membuat bot. Jadi, cara mengirim pesan WhatsApp ke Python menggunakan layanan Chat API. Untuk. Instagram Bots erlauben die Automatisierung vieler Prozesse und verhelfen zu schnelleren Wachstum. Hier sind die TOP 7 Bots für Auto Like, Follow & mehr We'll use Python to power our Bot and SQLite to store information persistently across sessions. In summary, this is a tutorial series that will: Show you how to write a simple Echo Bot from scratch using Python and the Telegram Bot API (Part 1) Extend the Echo Bot into a ToDo list manager bot, backed by a SQLite database (Part 2) Show how to. In the Bot endpoint address field, enter the ngrok URL (for example, https://468b9ab725e9.ngrok.io) where you're hosting the bot and append /api/messages to it. Your bot will be able to respond to messages in Teams. 5. Build and run your app. You've set up a URL to host your bot and configured it to handle messages. It's time to get your app up and running. In a terminal, go to the root.

A bot to attend your Google Meet meetings/classes - Free to use by anyone Instructions : 1. Enter the meeting link 2. Enter the length of the class in minutes 3. Enter the time in 24 hour format 4. Open https://meet.google.com and keep it open. 5. Automatically joins the meeting on the given link, provided that the meeting has started and there is atleast one or more attendees in the meeting 6. I have set up the basic template for a python discord bot. Please tell me what code I can use to create a new text-channel when the user types channel + (the channel name). Sorry if this is a silly question to ask. Because the only resources are not helping me. What I have tried: Please help I feel stupid for asking this but please do it any way Raid tool PYTHON Chrome RPC warn Token checker Discord ip grabber Discord proxy bot Discord reporter Mass messager Webhook spammer Streaming status Dmall Fake muted Discord crasher Auto inviter. Begriffsherkunft. SPAM war ursprünglich ein Markenname für Dosenfleisch, der bereits 1936 entstanden ist aus SPiced hAM, fälschlicherweise auch Spiced Pork And Meat/hAM oder Specially Prepared Assorted Meat genannt. Während der Rationierung im Krieg war Spam eines der wenigen Nahrungsmittel, die in Großbritannien praktisch überall und unbeschränkt erhältlich waren

Filed Under: Python API Tutorials, REST API Tutorials Tagged With: coronavirus, covid-19, maytapi, python, whatsapp Shyam Purkayastha Shyam is the Founder of Radiostud.io, a content-lead innovation studio, focusing on showcasing use cases of emerging technologies It's spam. Other than the above, but not suitable for the Qiita community (violation of guidelines) @Takkun0530. updated at 2021-02-12. Discord.pyのアップデート. Python pip discord discord.py. はじめに. つい最近Discord.pyのアップデートが来たので、「久々にBot起動してみたらイミフなエラーはいてて起動できない!!」みたいな人がいるの. I want to write a script (in Java) that would have a bot join a server, run a command, and then return the output of that command as a String. Is..

Simple Spam Bot With Python Code - YouTubeDiscord spam bot (python) - YouTubeGmail Spam Bot [Python tutorial] - YouTubeWhatsapp spam bot in python - YouTubeGitHub - Gh0stByte/ESPN-Second-Chance-Bracket-Email-Spam
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