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Maybe. Tether is rumored to not actually be backed 1:1 by USD reserves; however, this hasn't been proven. Tether is a cryptocurrency pegged to traditional fiat currencies and backed 1:1 by reserves of these traditional currencies held in accounts under Tether's control. There are currently Tether tokens backed by US Dollars (denoted by the symbol. Tether Limited, the business entity in charge of Tether, is responsible for accepting fiat deposits and withdrawals and creating and destroying Tether in accordance. They also manage the Tether website that allows storage and transfer of Tethers, work on Tether integrations with exchanges and other third parties, and have custody of the fiat reserves backing the Tether tokens. The Tether. Tether is legit. Tether is a scam, tether is this and that but what people fail to realize is that those people do NOThave any legitimateproof. Argumentum ad ignorantiam (non-sequitur). Unjustified confirmation of the position, because the opposite can't be proven, (A is true, because B is not proven)

In a market built largely on speculation, Tether is a stablecoin, pegged to the dollar at a 1-to-1 ratio. Tethers help provide liquidity and offer a widely recognized token that can facilitate.. Tether is a cryptocurrency pegged to traditional fiat currencies and backed 1:1 by reserves of these traditional currencies held in accounts by Tether. The post What is Tether? Is the USDT Stablecoin Legit? appeared first on CoinCentral According to Tether Limited, their systems convert cash deposits into digital coins whose value is tethered to the price of global currencies like the USD, EUR, and Yen. The company also claims to hold fiat currency in reserves that are equivalent to the Tether coins in circulation today. These Tether coins are then used to facilitate different crypto transactions. For instance, pure crypto-to-crypto exchanges, USDT serves as an alternative to the US Dollar This also brings me back to tether which I now notice is the 3rd largest crypto. I've read there are people saying tether is a scam and they just print it randomly and will collapse What's the story on both points

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  1. This week there has been a lot more discussion in regards to whether or not Tether is a fraud. In this video, I discuss the reasoning behind these claims and..
  2. utes. 2. Playing dice, loterry or blackjack. 3. Yearly interest: 6%. Current claim rate: Minimum withdraw limit is set to: 0.5 tether
  3. Check if Free-tether.com is legit or scam. Report Summary. Potentially Legit. We found nothing wrong with the website. Report was last updated 2 months ago | Update Now. Here is why we made this classification: Advertisement. WOT Trust Rating. Check Free-tether.com trust rating on WOT database: Unknown: Not Yet Rated . WOT is a browser add-on used by millions of users to rate websites and.
  4. Investors loved Tether as it was a safe haven for storing profits. I often used Tether to protect my gains from the markets correcting. To understand entirely why Tether (USDT) will cause the markets to crash let's first look at what Tether is. As mentioned before, Tether is a cryptocurrency that is supposedly backed by the dollar
  5. As long as a Tether is truly representative of a fiat note like the dollar, this isn't an issue. However, there are some concerns surfacing recently about the legitimacy of Tether's reserves and as to whether the company intends to honor their promise of audits
  6. What is Tether (USDT)? Tether is a cryptocurrency pegged to traditional fiat currencies and backed 1:1 by reserves of these traditional currencies held i

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Tether is a cryptocurrency pegged to traditional fiat currencies and backed 1:1 by reserves of these traditional currencies held in accounts under Tether's control. There are currently Tether tokens backed by US Dollars (denoted by the symbol USD₮) and by Euros (denoted by EUR₮). A Tether token pegged to the Japanese Yen (JPY₮) is on [ Check Tether.com domain with our database of scam words: No suspicious words found in the domain name. A legit shopping website should not use a branded name (i.e. rayban) in the domain name. Only the original manufacturer (i.e. RayBan) should use its brand name in the domain name Avid bitcoiner Peter McCormack released a podcast interview (archive) with two Tether/Bitfinex frontmen today—CTO Paolo Ardoino and General Counsel Stuart Hoegner. McCormack is a well-known Tether apologist whose podcasts are funded almost exclusively by bitcoin companies. Tether is also paying his legal fees in a libel suit brought against him by Craig Wright Launch date: 13.08.2020 Minimum invest: $1 Minimum withdraw: $0.1 Payment method: Payeer,PM,BTC,DOGE,LTC,ETH Plans: 350% after 24 hours - min. $1 450% after 22 hours - min. $5 550% after 15 hours - min. $10 Invest only money which you can afford to lose. I am not owner or admin on the website

Specifically for Tether-based transactions, KYC verifications are mandatory. But the bottom line is that: BitFinex is a global exchange. BitFinex and Binance. Aside from other similarities, both exchanges have interacted with China. Binance though not situated in the country, but originated from there. BitFinex presently has its headquarters in. So is Tether legit or not? - /biz/ - Business & Finance is 4chan's imageboard for the discussion of business and finance, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin Crypto.com appears to be a legit exchange that is secured and regulated. US customers fiat wallet balances (in USD) are covered by FDIC insurance up to US$250,000 which provides a level of assurance funds are safe on the platform. To date, there have been no hacks or major theft of funds on Crypto.com or its app. Is Crypto.com Safe? Crypto.com features bank-like security measures to protect. Check if Tetherbep.com is scam or legit. Last updated 23 days ago | Update Now. Final Verdict. Potentially Safe. The site is very new and we can't judge it yet: Website: Tetherbep.com: WOT Trustworthiness: Unknown (Not Yet Rated) Domain Blacklist Status: Not Blacklisted (0/9) Website Popularity: Low Traffic Volume (#9,269,586) Domain Creation Date: Only 28 Days Ago (2021-03-22) HTTPS. 2) If Tether wasn't legit it would lose its $1 peg and trade under $1 due to a loss in market confidence. Arbitrage traders are financially incentivized to keep the price pegged to $1, and are in-and-out of USDT very quickly and so aren't exposed to much of its systemic risk. If and when Tether is prosecuted or proven in a court of law to not.

Buy Profit Sniper http://www.profitsniper.co WIN $100 of Bitcoin Here http://www.profitsniper.co/100-giveaway/ Join my Telegram Chat http://t.me/offi.. Doug Polk recently said that Tether is only 0.4% of a total crypto market cap, so it seems legit. Don't get me wrong, he contributes a lot to community by exposing scams, but that was a false. Tether now says it is backing USDT with assets. Does that include BTC? If so, as long as they keep minting Tether using it to buy BTC and driving the price up, they can keep minting Tether because they now have more assets to back USDT, and then continue driving the price up, rinse and repeat On today's episode of Your Daily Crypto News, we look at the markets increasing over the last 24 hours. Bitcoin was not hurt so bad by the Bithumb hack as there.. Are Tether Casinos Legit? It depends. For the most part, it's legal for you to play at a Tether casino as long as online gambling is not forbidden nor heavily regulated in your country. If you want to make sure you're playing at a legit Tether casino, make sure it holds a valid gambling license. Playing at unlicensed casinos is always a risk, no matter what currency you use. We also strongly.

What is Tether? Is the USDT Stablecoin Legit

It is only a matter of time until we find out whether Tether is legit or if it's a house of cards that is being used to perpetually keep the BTC market afloat. Tether is currently involved in a fraud investigation that is being conducted by the New York Attorney General's office and the truth will come out sooner than later FAUCETPAY : http://bit.ly/3aT8XEXFAUCET 1 : http://bit.ly/3a0NdZTFAUCET 2 : http://bit.ly/37UMuqoFAUCET 3 : https://bit.ly/3mAKbODFAUCET 4 : http://bit.ly/2K.. When it comes to withdrawals, these can only be done in Tether (USDT). Do note though that on top of the $2 fee, the minimum withdrawal amount is $50. So, you will need $52 in your account in order to withdraw. Processing Withdrawals at Bityard. Withdrawals are just as simple as funding. You will just need to head on over to withdraw and then choose the type of Tether address you will be. Is tethercrypt.com legit? It doesn't look like it is, folks. It has a very low trust rating and no genuine reviews. Let's look at this business and its Ethereum sector. We aggregated 53 decisive factors to determine if tethercrypt.com is safe. Also, below we provide you legit alternatives for the same products How legit is Tether gold? The economy is falling around the world and I'm trying to convert my money into a gold backed cryptocurrency, but I'm trying to find one that isn't a total scam, so far tether gold seems the most legit but I saw multiple videos on YouTube saying that it's a total scam. Go to self.Tether . youtube.com. I have created a YouTube playlist of Dr. Daniel Kim's three videos.

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The Tether Tools TetherPro cable is one up from other tethering cables that I have used, with a big difference in the transfer speeds. At 4.6m the cable gives plenty of freedom for moving around the studio floor and the tough exterior and reinforced connectors ensure a tight and secure fit. Ultimately if you're looking for a cable to tether your camera to your computer, then I really cannot. Altcoin & Crypto News: Tether Legit | $ETH $ENG $XLM $ELA | The BC.Game Blo

Tether: 20; Crypto Asset Coverage. Another thing that Huobi is well known for is the range of cryptocurrency assets that they offer. They appear to have a majority of coins in the top 10 of market cap expect it seems as if they do not have Stellar (XLM) and Cardano (ADA). Why these coins are not included is quite surprising. However, they have at least 50 other coins that you can trade on the. 1. Freetether. which offers you Free USDT after every 1 hour but requires an account, don't worry this is a legit Tether faucet website so you can create your account with the below link and you will also receive some more reward coins in your USDT wallet if you create your account with the below link.. Create Account & Read Reviews. all listed faucet websites are best & legit Tether faucet. Potentially Legit. The site is too new and we don't have enough details. Report was last updated 16 days ago | Update Now. Here is why we made this classification: Advertisement. WOT Trust Rating. Check Tetherbep.com trust rating on WOT database: Unknown: Not Yet Rated. WOT is a browser add-on used by millions of users to rate websites and online shops. If the site has a bad WOT trust rating. For the record, Tether is hedged to the USD at a ratio of 1:1. Unlike BTC, ETH, and many other major cryptos, the USDT is stable enough to make a good case for a medium of exchange. StormGain does not charge any spreads on crypto trading. Instead, traders pay a commission of between 0.15% and 0.25% depending on the crypto pair traded. The 0.15% is for Tether (USDT) pairs while the 0.25% is for.


Bityard is a new trading platform launched in 2019 that lets traders trade Bitcoin with leverage up to 100x across its portfolio of trading pairs. The trading platform offers amazing leverage, a beginner-friendly user interface, competitive trading fees and a slick mobile trading app. Visit Bityard While we aim to provide you with accurate and the latest information on its features, user. Keeping your Javascript models legit since 2013. Contribute to tether/legit development by creating an account on GitHub Tether - FUD, Ponzi or Legit. By. admin-November 14, 2018. 0. 451. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Today we will be talking about Tether, and there's a lot of controversy surrounding the coin lately. Table of Contents. Today we will be talking about Tether, and there's a lot of controversy surrounding the coin lately . Sirin LABS token is 16% with a market cap of 75 million. Determine if Tethercoin.io is a safe or scam website, check if Tethercoin.io is trustworthy, Tethercoin.io on-line reputation, help us review the website by sharing your experience Every Tether token is also 1-to-1 pegged to the dollar, so 1 USD₮ Token is always valued by Tether at 1 USD. Transparent. The value of our reserves is published daily. The value of our reserves matches or exceeds the value of all tethers in circulation. Blockchain Technology. The Tether platform is built on top of open blockchain technologies, leveraging the security and transparency that.

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Tether: 20 USDT; Litecoin: 0.053 LTC ; Monero: 0.1006 XMR; EOS: 0.01 EOS; Tron: 372.5 TRX ; Zcash: 0.13583 ZEC; Tezos: 4.953 XTZ; Chainlink: 2.192 LINK; NEO: 1 NEO; In this regard, HitBTC withdrawal fees are some of the highest amongst all cryptocurrency exchanges. To sum it up: HitBTC offers some of the lowest cryptocurrency trading fees amongst all crypto-to-crypto exchanges. At the same. Is StormGain Legit? StormGain appears to be a legit cryptocurrency trading exchange based on our research. Tether USDT; StormGain's wallet is protected by several security measures such as encryption and 2 Factor Authentication to keep your funds safe. The wallet app is available to use on both iOS and Andriod devices. To download the free StormGain wallet from visit their website and. Before discussing the different types of blockchains, it would be useful first to have an understanding of blockchain technology in general. Blockchain technology, defined at perhaps its most simple, is a distributed accounting ledger that is used to record transactions in a tamper-resistant, verifiable, and permanent manner Determine if Tetherbep.com is a safe or scam website, check if Tetherbep.com is trustworthy, Tetherbep.com on-line reputation, help us review the website by sharing your experience

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Withdraw Funds: Cash out funds to your wallet in Tether USD. Is Bitcoloan Legit? Well we are yet to find out but we will at the end of the Bitcoloan Review. How To Deposit On Bitcoloan.com. To make a deposit, you will have to visit the Deposit section in your Dashboard. Here you can find a special window where you set your own loan terms; then the system finds you a relevant Individual. The platform supports the payment methods Bitcoin, U-Net, Ethereum, EOS, and Tether. The game bonuses consist of BTC tokens, free spins, and cool rewards. The site features a crypto faucet and an excellent VIP Program. Customer support service is available via email and live chat ; Review of the features of Trust Dice Casino 1. The interface of the desktop and mobile versions are smooth and. Conclusion - Is Bitfinex Legit? 1. Bitfinex Overview . Bitfinex was founded in the British Virgin Islands in 2012 by iFinex inc and it is headquartered in Hong Kong. The company initially started out as a P2P margin lending platform for Bitcoin only. Some of the founders and management of iFinex inc. are also related to Tether, the US pegged Stablecoin. 2. Bitfinex Services. Bitfinex offers. Check Tether.to domain with our database of scam words: No suspicious words found in the domain name. A legit shopping website should not use a branded name (i.e. rayban) in the domain name. Only the original manufacturer (i.e. RayBan) should use its brand name in the domain name The voting results decide whetherTether Gold (XAUT) is scam, ponzi or legit . Total des votes: 1. Votes pour légitime: 1. 100% Légitime. Dernier vote: 24/03/2021 22:29 GMT+7 « Indice de prix Tether Gold . Note: The results of polling for Tether Gold of the crypto community are intended to provide research data to the community. It does not reflect Webgiacoin's opinion. Chaque ordinateur ne.

What is Tether Gold (XAUT)? How it works?NEWS: KuCoin Exit Scam? & Tether Issues 50M USDT & BitcoinTether Stablecoin Scam Talk Picks Up After Sudden Drop in

CoinTiger Review - Is CoinTiger Scam or Legit? Adebayo Owotunse (Nigeria) 3 weeks ago - Last Updated: March 28, 2021. 10 minutes read. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Tumblr Pinterest Reddit Pocket. CoinTiger Exchange Rating . Account Types 9. Trading Speed 9.2. Customer Service 9.2. Safety 9.3. 9.2. Conclusion. Read our CoinTiger review and learn why we recommend this exchange for online. Is Blockchain Capital Legit Tether (USDT) $ 1.00. Cardano (ADA) $ 1.44. Polkadot (DOT) $ 42.86. Dogecoin (DOGE) $ 0.315438. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $ 1,185.62. Litecoin (LTC) $ 326.35. Uniswap (UNI) $ 36.69. Chainlink (LINK) $ 43.28. VeChain (VET) $ 0.240811. Stellar (XLM) $ 0.637362. Theta Network (THETA) $ 13.83. TRON (TRX) $ 0.173599. Filecoin (FIL) $ 185.63. USD Coin (USDC) $ 1.00. Wrapped. The Tether issuers create a valuable put option in the case of a future crypto market downturn. The founders of Tether have a valuable option to not redeem Tether to dollars, and possibly experience an inside 'hack' (perhaps, similar to the one on Mt. Gox) when Tethers and/or their associated dollars suddenly disappear

Binance supports the purchase of cryptocurrencies using Stablecoins like Binance USD (BUSD), Tether (USDT), PAXOS (PAX), and Coinbase (USDC). A Stablecoin is an asset whose value is pegged to another stable asset like fiat currencies or exchange-traded products. Immediately you complete the transaction, Binance will fund your wallet with the newly-bought cryptocurrency A legit shopping website should not use a branded name (i.e. rayban) in the domain name. Only the original manufacturer (i.e. RayBan) should use its brand name in the domain name. This option should help identify potentially fake online shopping sites. HTTPS (SSL) Connection. Check if Tetherbep.com uses a valid HTTPS secure connection: This site uses an HTTPS secure connection. Issued From.

Gate.io Review - Is Gate.io Scam or Legit? Adebayo Owotunse (Nigeria) March 8, 2021 - Last Updated: March 8, 2021. 7 minutes read. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Tumblr Pinterest Reddit Pocket. Gate.io Exchange Rating . Account Types 9.4. Trading Speed 9. Customer Service 9.2. Safety 8.8. 9.1. Conclusion. Read our Gate.io review and learn why we recommend this exchange for online trading. StormGain is a legit genuine platform due to moderate levels of transparency and range of in-exchange security features. The platform has an average rating of (4/5) on Google Play, but it is yet to receive massive attention from the public. Alex Althausen, CEO of StormGain, has vast experience in fin-tech sphere. He has 10+ years of experience. Now to test, I transferred my mined $10 and it goes to the StormGain USD Tether wallet. But I want bitcoins and try to exchange my $10 for bitcoins but I can't because the minimum to transfer is $20. Ok, so I continue to mine expecting that I will get $10 in 3 days like before only this time it is mining 10 cents per 4 hour mining session! BigONE Review - Is BigONE Scam or Legit? MubaShar Nawaz (United Arab Emirates) February 27, 2021 - Last Updated: February 27, 2021. 9 minutes read. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Tumblr Pinterest Reddit Pocket. BigONE Exchange Rating. Account Types 9.1. Trading Speed 9. Customer Service 8.9. Safety 9.5. 9.1. Conclusion. Read our BigONE review and learn why we recommend this exchange for. is king johnnie casino legit tfhw  top casino providersDer Software-Anbieter, der an Zahlungsprozessen fis king johnnie casino legit tfhwür Kryptowährungen arbeitet, will den Tether im Bezahlsystem CoinsPaid nutzen und der Gaming-Industrie so das Vertrauen in die Digitalwährung verleihen.Experten teilen die Euphorie nichtWährend Verbraucher und Händler anscheinend immer häufiger.

Tether, the third-most widely held coin by value (Ethereum is second), is unique among its peers. In a market built largely on speculation, Tether is a stablecoin, pegged to the dollar at a 1-to-1 ratio. Tethers help provide liquidity and offer a widely recognized token that can facilitate transactions between various cryptocurrencies. In the world of crypto markets, they essentially act as a digital dollar, and they're everywhere. On some days, Tether's trading volume exceeds that of. Is Tether a scam? There is a lot of controversy surrounding Tether concerning whether it IS or ISN'T a scam. Hidden deep within Tether's legal section is this statement, kudos to cointelegraph : Once you have Tethers, you can trade them, keep them, or use them to pay persons that will accept your Tethers. However, Tethers are not money and are not monetary instruments. They are also not stored value or currency. There is no contractual right or other right or legal claim against us to. Tether apologists are generally bitcoiners who want you to believe that Tether is a legit business and that tethers are fully backed by cash or something similar. Tethers are the main source of liquidity in the bitcoin markets. If authorities were to seize Tether's bank accounts and haul its operators off to jail—or if crypto traders were to suddenly stop accepting that one tether is equal to one dollar—the price of bitcoin would tumble. Tether apologists are typically people who benefit. NEWS Tether's Bank Announces It Investments In Bitcoin: Bitcoin Forum: 9: Jan 15, 2021 NEWS JPMorgan sees a bright future for bitcoin: Crypto Currencies: 5: Yesterday at 3:06 PM NEWS La La Anthony says Bitcoin could reach $200k: Crypto Currencies: 2: Yesterday at 2:47 PM NEWS Kraken CEO: End of the year could be a Bitcoin, a Lamborghini: Bitcoin Forum: The former includes you being able to tether, whereas the latter, you are not supposed to. That being said, as long as VZW doesn't find out you are tethering with their cheaper plan, you will be fine. There are numerous people who tether and actually go over the 5GB tethering cap, without any problems

Earn 0.0005 - 0.01 per click Earn 0.00025 - 0.01 per rent referral click Minimum payout is $2.50 Accept Payeer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Tether Earn extra USDT from our Games section GRID No Investment Required Fast payment processing Fully secured system SignUP Bonus for first 2000 members.. The latest data from Tokenview shows that from March 25 to March 30, Tether issued a total of 4 USDT batches, each with 120 million U.S. dollars and a total of 480 million U.S. dollars. Changed the previous practice of issuing up to $ 60 million each. In the past month, Tether has issued $ 700 million in new tokens. In just one month, the total market value has increased by 22%, and Tether can print money faster than the Fed A: Yes, since recently, Binance introduced Binance Margin trading. With this option you can short bitcoin on Binance as well. When you think bitcoin is going down, you can use Binance margin option to borrow BTC and sell it for some other coin, for example Tether. If you were correct, you can then buy bitcoin back at lower prices, repay the borrowed coins and keep the profit The Tether is not a legal currency or financial instrument. The ownership of this crypto is not the basis for any contractual rights, legal claims or guarantees of losses. Tether Limited is not a bank and has no reserves in the Federal Reserve. Token USDT is not legal tender and is not covered by deposit insurance, so attempts to circumvent traditional governmental and regulatory controls are very frequent. Tether does not operate in countries and locations that do not regulate the crypto. Tether, or USTD, is a blockchain-based digital currency. Tether was launched in July 2014 as Realcoin, and repositioned as Tether in November of that year by Tether Ltd. In practice, Tether trading began only in February 2015. In November 2017 after the merger (FORK) the system was hacked and $ 31 million was stolen

Tether is the entity that issues and manages the USDT stablecoin. The entity wording is key: although Tether is incorporated as a Hong Kong company, its offices don't seem to exist at the filing address, its CEO and CFO are M.I.A., and the bulk of communication is performed by its CTO, Paolo Ardoino.. USDTs are crucially important to the crypto ecosystem Tether zujubeln und alle Kritiker als FUDder diffamieren nach dem Motto It's pumping muh bagz so it's legit ist bedenklich, enttäuschend und letztlich Beleg für die Dummheit, gegen die Bitcoin angetreten ist Check if Tetherdollars.com is legit or scam, Tetherdollars.com reputation, customers reviews, website popularity, users comments and discussions Cryptocurrency ( Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Tether, no minimum deposit) Deriv minimum deposit is $5. They do not charge fees for making deposits. Is Deriv.com Licensed? Licensing is another important part because we can trust a regulated broker to some extent not to do anything fraudulent. We do this part of the review by first checking the name of the company attached to the broker. Then we run that name through various regulatory bodies to discover if it regulates said brokerage Tether (USDT) Joins The OMG Party. The Tether (USDT) has long been the largest stablecoin issuer on all blockchains (majorly Ethereum) since it possesses the deep network effect and high liquidity across all digital exchanges. It's total market cap has exceeded $10B! For this reason, Tether transfers on the Ethereum mainnet have long remained among the top three gas users

Gone were the days when Tether was the only alternative. Now you have the likes of the Circle USDC, the Gemini dollar and even a decentralised version in the DAI Stablecoin. Conclusion. TrueUSD has been gaining popularity as a transparent and useful stablecoin and is certainly a contender for becoming the top stablecoin. Its focus on compliance and transparency have made it a solid competitor. Tether -USDT Coin || How to Earn Free USDT Coin || 100% Legit | Waseem Qadar In this video, you will learn how to earn free USDT coin without any skill. This site is 100% safe and legit. SIGN UP USDT news. USDT Towers Over 30 Stablecoins- Tether's Market Cap Grew by 2 Million Percent in Just Four Years Bitcoin New

Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether ERC20: JOIN CRYPTOROAD.BIZ HERE. About Cryptoroad.biz. Cryptoroad.biz is a high-yield investment program or HYIP that offers 2.5% - 5.0% daily for 14 days (deposit returned) as a minimal investment. HYIP is an online investment program that typically offers very high returns on the capital invested. Investment plans: 2.5% - 5.0% daily for 14 days ( Tether (USDT) Acts as a Stable Coin, Trading for Roughly $1 USD. But Expectations and Skepticism have Led to Lots of Conspiracy Theories; We Summarize. Tether (USDT) is a stable coin meant to trade for $1. The idea being that dollars are held in a 1:1 ratio by the company Tether. We discuss the FUD and conspiracy theories surrounding Tether. To do that, we will also describe how Tether works and what benefits it provides cryptocurrency users and exchanges Tether (USDT) is a digital currency launched in 2015 by Tether Limited -a Chinese outfit. While Tether USDT is based on the Bitcoin blockchain, the digital currency, unlike most other cryptocurrencies, maintains a value which is hardly affected by fluctuations in the demand and/or supply of Tether.. Tether (a Chinese outfit and creator of Tether USDT) offers digital tokens which are backed.

Which Cryptocurrencies Are Legit? So, what are the top cryptocurrencies? The top twelve cryptocurrencies by market cap are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Cardano, XRP, Polkadot, Binance Coin, Litecoin, Chainlink, Dogecoin, Stellar and Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin needs no introduction. It's the mother of them all and is expected to be financially regulated in the real world to some extent soon. Unfortunately, we cant say that TradersWay is a safe broker, it is a high-risk brokerage firm that does not prove any of its trustable scores since it is not a regulated firm, but just an offshore registered company. For your better understanding read more Why not trade with offshore brokers

Tether Huge Scam!!! Collapse coming in 2018! - YouTubeTether Review: How Safe or Stable Is This Stable CoinSimple explanation of BF/Tether scam : TetherTether - is it a scam? - YouTubeWhat is Tether? Is the USDT Stablecoin Legit? - CoinCentralTether USDT - is it a scam? - YouTube

Binance CEO who is worth billions thinks tether is legit. Why would should I believe you guys over him Free-tether.com. Check if Free-tether.com is scam or legit. You made too many requests in 1 hour, we show captcha now Tether's Attempts at Printing More Money Become Ridiculous. The press release from a company like Tether could look legit a couple years ago. Back then, the community was in the state of dream. Tether is not doing anything different, When your choice is to put your money into a legit bank and have it 'legally' seized or to buy decentralized tokens, that don't ask you a million questions before you can buy or sell, or instead let them control your spending with the 666 Mark of the beast - 'health certificate' that sits in your arm with the central bank direct control (CBDC. On the other hand, if you buy Dogecoin with Robinhood, they will not allow you to transfer your crypto to any other crypto wallet. Your only option is to sell all of your Dogecoin and transfer your money to your bank account

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